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Info - June


Summer has finally reached us here in Helsinki, just in time for June!


The registration for the EUCYS has started very well. We would like to remind you however, that the deadline for all registration information and documents is the 7th of June.

Regarding the registration forms we would like to kindly ask you to check the names of the participants, especially the first name and surname. It is vital that the names submitted correspond to those in passports; this is because the correct names are needed for flight tickets. Notice that there is a separate field to insert a preferred name for the contest badges.

If the contestant does not require a computer from the organizers for the duration of the contest, but needs a computer screen, TV or video/DVD player please contact us directly with your requirements at info [at] eucys [dot] fi.

After the 7th of June all the projects will be inspected and the confirmation of acceptance will be sent later in June.

Travel Arrangements

Those nations whose travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the organizers will receive their travel schedule propositions during July. These propositions need to be confirmed by July 22nd. After the confirmation of the travel schedule no further changes are possible. The travel tickets will then be sent in the beginning of August. The travel documents for all contestants and the escort/NO representative will be sent to the escort/NO representative and he or she must ensure that the contestants receive the travel information.

We wish that all participants would arrive as possible on Friday the 23rd of September and the departure date is September 28th.

The travel agency responsible for the tickets will answer to all travel ticket related questions (their contact information will be sent along with the preliminary travel schedule). If you have any other questions related to traveling please contact us at info [at] eucys [dot] fi.

Finally we would like to remind you that all participants should have a travel insurance issued in their home country. Please also acquaint yourselves with the European Health Insurance Card at


Wishing you a lovely summer day,

EUCYS 2011 Helsinki Team