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Info - April


April has started with sunny days, spring is coming and it makes us all eager!

 It is a pleasure to let you know that preparations for EUCYS 2011 are running on schedule. The registration deadline for projects is 7.6.2011. There is preliminary information about registration at the competition website as well, but actual registration forms will open later in the spring.

For the registration up-to-date and exact information is needed about contestants and escorts, so please check that all passports are valid during the competition and required time after that.

Informal announcement will take place in Facebook and Twitter – it is the easiest way to get quick information about contest web pages updates.

Within the contest (especially during the jury interviews) there will be parallel programme for national organizers and other guests. Several lectures and/or workshops in the theme of science education are being planned. If you have suggestions or ideas for this programme – let us know.

Please feel free to contact organizers if you have any questions. And with Merike you may contact also in Russian.

The EUCYS2011 team