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Facts about Finland

On this page you can familiarize yourself with some facts about Finland.
New facts are will be submitted over time - so check the page later again.


  • In the far north the sun does not set for about 73 days during the summer and during the winter the sun remains below the horizon 53 days.
  • The highest temperature ever in Finland, +37,2 °C,  was measured on 29.7.2010 in Liperi, Joensuu (Eastern Finland)
  • The lowest temperature ever in Finland, -51,5 °C, was measured on 28.1.1999 in Kittilä, Pokka (Lapland)
  • The deepest snow layer, 190 cm, was measured on 19.4.1997 in Enontekijö, Kilpisjärvi (Lapland)
  • The longest hiking trek in Finland is the 115 km Peuran Polku (Reindeer Path) in Central Finland
  • There are 647 rivers in Finland
  • The longest river is Tornionjoki, 570 km
  • There are 187 888 lakes (size over 500 km2) in Finland, truly the land of 1000 lakes
  • The biggest lake is lake Saimaa 4380 km2
  • The deepest lake is lake Päijänne, with an average depth of 16 m and a deepest point of 95,3 m
  • There are 179 584 islands in Finland
  • The biggest island is Sääminginsalo (lake Saimaa) 1069 km2
  • There is 22,1 million hectares (100 m x 100 m) of forests in Finland, wich means 4 hectars for each citizen
  • The most common tree is Scots pine (50 %), the second is spruce (30 %)
  • Finnish birches are very slender, at least from an Ukrainian point of view!
  • On Finnish roadsides trees grow on rockbeds which have practically no soil on them

Foods and drinks

  • Finns drink more coffee per capita than any other nation
  • The world longest liquorice candy 328,5 m is made by Finnish Panda company


  • The longest bridge in Finland is Raippaluoto 1045 m located in Western Finland
  • The worlds largest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas, was built in Turku last year


  • The most famous Finnish architect and designer is Alvar Aalto (1898-1976)
  • The most famous Finnish composer is Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)


  • The most popular mobil phone game in world is Angry Birds, made by the Finnish company Rovio
  • There is a lot of very long words in the Finnish language and the longest is epäjärjestelmällisyydellistyttymättömyydellänsäkään (51 letters), what it actually means is difficult to understand even for Finns
  • The longest place-name is Äteritsiputeritsipuolilaudatsijänkä located in Salla, in Lapland
  • Finland is the only country in the world which broadcasts news in Latin. Nuntii Latini is a news service based in Finland that broadcasts news in Latin. It has been broadcast since September 1989 by the Finnish national broadcaster YLE (Radiophonia Finnica Generalis) on YLE Radio 1 -channel.